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      Do you feel at the mercy of the experts when it comes to caring for the health of your family? There is so much conflicting and confusing advice, expensive treatments, and many voices promoting the magic pill to gain or restore health. Where do you begin?

      Homeopathy is not a magic pill, but if you want to care for acute illnesses without resorting to over the counter drugs, prescription medications with questionable side effects, or trips to the urgent care clinic, it could be a valuable option for you.

      Homeopathy: What Is It?

      Simply put, homeopathy is an alternative method of medicine used for over 200 years to help the body bring itself to a state of health. The science of homeopathy recognizes that it is humans who need treatment, and not disease. By giving the body small non-toxic remedies, it gets a gentle nudge to regain its balance – homeostasis.

      What We Do

      I introduce homeopathy to those who simply want to avoid over the counter and prescription medications. After a few workshops, you’ll be equipped to make wise choices for your health. You will gain confidence to care for your loved ones using homeopathic remedies.

      Homeopathy Workshops

      What’s the minimum we must understand to care for our family well – with confidence? We must first understand and respect the limits and benefits of traditional medical care. An introduction to health is vital before we can begin to address matters of disease. Learn the simple things we can do to stack the deck in our favor to fight off illness. It isn’t necessary to become ‘crunchy’ to do this. With targeted information, we can make a positive impact on our family’s health.

      There are many options to replace traditional medications and restore health. Let’s explore effective alternatives such as diet and exercise, herbs, nutrition and supplements, essential oils, and homeopathy. Evaluating the pros and cons of each method will allow you to customize a plan that meets your individual family’s unique needs.

      This is homeopathy for regular people who want to care for their loved ones in a way that promotes true health without side effects but aren’t interested in studying homeopathy in depth. Armed with basic principles, you can confidently rely on homeopathic remedies for acute illness without having to invest a lot of time learning all the details!


      Perhaps you feel a personal consultation better suits your needs.
      Contact me and let’s see if I can help.

      Bev’s Journey to Homeopathy

      My journey to homeopathy was a long one. I traveled through various alternative health paradigms, looking for an effective, simple, sustainable and economical way to care for my family without drugs and their side effects. Homeopathy entered the picture when we found remarkable success with a homeopathic remedy for one of our children battling anxiety. After that experience, I studied on my own and treated my family for over a decade.

      Later, I enrolled in The Academy of Practical Homeopathy and in November 2022 completed my studies and was graduated as a lay practitioner of homeopathy. The knowledge I gained prepared me to pursue my goals of teaching families how to confidently care for those they love and assist those who would rather not go it alone.

      For diagnosis and treatment of disease you must consult a medical doctor. I am not a physician. I am not prescribing, advising, or making health decisions for you. Instead, I am sharing information with you as an educator does with a student. It is fully your choice whether or not to use the information.