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The Transformed Family

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      Who We Are

      As young parents we found ourselves at a crossroads. Our lives were filled with tension, wondering when the next tantrum would be, wondering how a get-together with extended family would go, wondering if a nice dinner out would end with having to rush through the meal to get an unhappy toddler home. Each day seemed more of the same, and we began to wonder if this was all there was to look forward to for the next 18 years of parenting.

      We felt trapped, and we lacked hope that things could change.

      Then we met a family whose life was dramatically different than ours. They enjoyed one another’s company rather than merely enduring like we did! There was peace, ease, and affection. They shared what helped them create that atmosphere in their home. That started us on a journey that shaped everything about our home.

      Looking back on four decades of family life, we can see that what we needed were sound, Biblical principles to direct our parenting choices, and the willingness to consistently act on them. Creating a vision for the family we wanted gave us the reason to invest the effort.

      We want to share what we learned, and shorten the learning curve for families who find themselves where we were – discouraged and finding no options for hope.

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